Company History
Business Goals

automationTo partner with our customers to provide complete solutions to their needs for automated equipment and custom machines.

automationTo generate innovative, practical and cost effective solutions for our customers.

automationTo produce equipment of high quality, and reliability which sells itself.

automationTo support our customers with efficient service after installation.

Company History

Applied Automation Enterprise, Inc. was started in 2000 when plant closings cost the jobs of the four founders. With confidence in 64 years of combined experience, they used the knowledge, experience and network of their previous work histories to build a solid a company with a committment to innovation, quality and service. This has produced a reputation of one of the most respected machine building companies in the region


Our Future

We continually search for new customers and in new fields. We have endeavored to diversify our customer base across such manufacturing industries as appliances, automotive, medical, agriculture, horticulture, packaging, food and beverage.

We are committed to assisting companies reduce their manufacturing costs and increase productivity


Our People


Because we are a smaller company, we find our customers become comfortable with everyone in the organization from the ownership, to engineering, through the machine shop, to assembly, installation and service.

We understand the challenge our customers face in obtaining approval to allocate capital investments for machine equipment.