Machine part being milled

automationMechanical, Electrical, Controls engineering & design

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  • automationReverse Engineering
  • automationComplete machining
  • automationFabrication
  • automationPanel building
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Machine Development Process

Fully integrated machine development process including:


Mechanical & Electrical design
A good machine starts with a good concept early on. Our engineering staff has the experience to design a solid concept and carry it through to release.


We send out for part manufacturing only when necessary. Typically, we control the schedule and machining onsite.


Our welding capabilities cover all of our frame and weldment needs as well as providing custom welding for local customers.


We have experience with many different manufacturers of PLC controllers. We provide integration. That means we can suggest a controller to meet your needs, or we can use controllers you specify.


The key to a good automation system is a good mechanical design coupled with a robust control system. We take responsibility for the entire project. You can be confident that your machine will arrive ready to run-not ready to be debugged.


Our staff has field experience which can be matched by few other companies. We have integrated the mechanisms and controls of our machines with existing equipment all over the world.


Designers & Builders

Designers and builders of custom machines for manufacturers worldwide

Our people have backgrounds in producing machinery such as custom print equipment, material handling conveyors, pick & place units, and accelerated reliability cycling test stands. We have experience integrating both the mechanisms and controls of new equipment throughout customer systems in all parts of the world.


60 years combined experience in machine automation


You need an experienced partner who will understand your automation needs. You want a machine builder who understands process development. You want your supplier to share your committment to the schedule.